ACID ZINE: Mina Ashido
Page illustration for fanzine based on Mina Ashido from Boku No Hero Acadamia (My Hero Academy). 
Windy Zine: A John Egbert Zine
A page illustration for a fanzine for John Egbert, a character from the webcomic "Homestuck" by Andrew Hussie.
Ladystuck Tarot: The Knight of Swords
A tarot card fan project, focusing exclusively on the women of Homestuck. Homestuck is a popular webcomic by Andrew Hussie.
78 Degrees of Wisdom: “he is brave, skillful, strong; yet he tends also towards wildness, even fanaticism. He recognizes no limits. […] His eagerness suggests a certain innocence, like a young knight who has never lost a battle.”
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